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Hal L. Jones, III

Hal L. Jones, III
P.O. Box 3257
Jacksonville , Florida 32206
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Terry Parker High School, Jacksonville, FL
Graduated: June 1972

Florida Junior College, Jacksonville, FL
Graduated: May 1974

Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, FL
Graduated: May 1978, A.S.B.D.



Wood-Hopkins Contracting Company
June 30, 1973 to October 31, 1997

Hal Jones Contractor, Inc.
November 3, 1997 to Present



Interstate 295 at Jacksonville, Worked in crew and assisted in layout work for entire job which included two bridges, piling work and concrete work.

Dunns Creek Terminal Bulkhead, Worked with crew and on layout of work, consisting of 2,100 L.F. of sheet pile bulkhead and concrete tie back system.

Miller Brewery in Albany, Georgia, In charge of pile layout for 2,700 H-Beam piling 100' long. Also handled paper work from Jacksonville, FL office, job invoices, ordering job materials, and pile distribution on site.

St. Augustine Municipal Pier, Handled layout of pipe piling and floating dock and ramps.

Orlando Florida International Airport, In charge of concrete layout for People Mover, including footers, columns and caps. Also handled paperwork from Jacksonville Office, job invoices, and ordered all concrete and other materials as needed.

Mayport Naval Station - Berthing Wharf, In charge of layout for new bulkhead, including sheet pile and concrete work. Also handled all paperwork in field office. Coordinated all phases of the work which included mechanical, electrical, pile driving, concrete and paving work on job for a period of one year.

Florida Power & Light Substation, St. Augustine, Florida, Construction of two substations. Work included site work, 100 concrete piling, concrete structures (approximately 500 c.y. of concrete), control house construction, paving of two miles of new roads, and mechanical and electrical phases.

Reynolds, Smith and Hill, Central Office Site, Jacksonville, Florida, Excavation of approximately 11,000 c.y. of material for office site and temporary drainage ditch. Backfilled approximately 16,000 c.y. of fill material for office site and existing ditch. Installed 1,000 L.F. of box culvert sections, each section weighing between nine and ten tons.

The Family Lines Rail System, St. Mary's River, Work consisted of removal of 600 L.F. of timber fender system around railroad bridge and installation of submarine cable across river bottom.

Camachee Cove Condominium Piling - St. Augustine, Florida, Installation of 102 steel pipe pile, each driven approximately 90' deep with two ton load tests run.

Baptist Towers Condominium - Jacksonville, Florida, Installation of 300'-0" wall feet of concrete sheet pile with concrete cap and walkway; riprap protection along wall and landscape area.

Mathews Bridge Fender System - Jacksonville, Florida, Removal and replacement of 500'-0" long wood fender system with new 80'-0" long timber pile, structural timbers and navigational lighting. Pile holds were probed full depth.

Georgia Port Authority - Brunswick, Georgia, Test pile program for future wharf construction at the Colonel's Island and Mayor's Point wharves. Work consisted of driving various length concrete and steel pile and load testing in compression and tension. Most pile locations were probed before driving and all pile were pulled for inspection. Compression tests were run to 250 tons and tension tests to 150 tons.

Florida Power & Light Transmission Line - Palatka, Florida, Work consisted of constructing eight (8) river crossing foundations in the St. Johns River. Steel caissons were 7'-0" in diameter and 75'-0" in length. Caissons were driven to grade, material removed and caissons cleaned, rebar and anchor bolt cages set and concrete tremied to top of structures.

Trout River Fender System - Jacksonville, Florida, Removal of existing timber fender system and rebuilt new with concrete piling and structural timbers. Navigational lighting included.

New Berlin Road Bridge Over Caney Branch - Jacksonville, Florida, Removal of existing timber bridge and construction of new 160'-0" long concrete bridge. Work consisted of steel sheet pile end walls, concrete pile, double tee deck with topping slab and related site work.

Wood Chip Retaining Wall - Fernandina Beach, Florida, Container Corporation of America installation of W21 X 111 steel piles around existing wall connected to rolled steel plate anchored to existing grade beam by epoxy grouted bolts. Piles were 85'-0" in length, 360'-0" radius wall feet with excavation, backfill and compaction, painting and guardrail work included.

Lone Star Road Bridge Over Red Bay Branch - Jacksonville, Florida, Removal of existing timber bridge and construction of new 140'-0" long concrete bridge. Work consisted of steel sheet pile end walls, concrete pile, hollow core slabs with topping slab and related roadway work.

Bulk Cement Unloading System - Jacksonville, Florida, Blue Circle Atlantic; Install 50'-0" X 50'-0" cofferdam, excavate, dewatering system, construct concrete structure, waterproof, backfill and compact, structural steel and machinery installation: install rail siding and concrete slab around facility.

Log Flume and Flume Basin - Fernandina Beach, Florida, Container Corporation of America; Installation of 420 steel 12 x 53 H-Piles. 85' -0" long for the log flume construction of reinforced concrete 12'-0" wide and 800'-0" long. Return water transported by 48" diameter pipe adjacent to the flume, pile supported concrete caps and anchors. Flume basin consisted on sheet pile cofferdam 57'-0" X 235'-0", excavation, dewatering, 124 H-pile driven, seal concrete, 3'-0" concrete slab, concrete walls, waterproofing side walls, backfill and compact, structural steel, pump, motors and associated mechanical and electrical work. All work included site preparation and coordination with other contractors.

230 KV SJRPP to Center Park Transmission Line - Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Electric Authority; Installation of seven concrete pile foundation structures and erection of lattice towers located in the St. John's River and Turbiditary. Access to structures by bucket dredging canal and replacing materials upon construction completion. Turbidity monitoring and before and after dredge survey included.

25 Acre Paved Cargo Storage Area - Site Preparation - Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Port Authority; Installation of drainage structures, vertical and horizontal wick drains, soils reinforcement, movement of approximately 250,000 cubic yard of fill from Buck Island to Blount Island for the purpose of surcharging of the site; fill was moved with the use of conveyors, barges, tug boat and cranes.

230 KV Greenland to Hartley Transmission Line - Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Electric Authority; Installation of seventy two pipe pile caissons, 32" - 45" diameter and 30'-0" - 50'-0" in lengths. Work included clearing of sites, welding of anodes to cassions, board roads for swamp sites and traffic control for installations along main roadways.

St. Johns River Bulkhead - Atlantic Drydock Corporation - Jacksonville, Florida, Work consisted of 264'-0" wall feet of sheet pile with H-pile tie-back system and concrete pile cap and relieving platform with wall. Also included demolition of existing bulkhead, dock and land side sitework.

Harbortown Marine - Titusville, Florida, Installation of fifty slip marina with breakwater. Concrete anchor piles were 24" square in various lengths and mooring piles were timbers. Floats consisted of one main walkway with finger piers.

TRS Control Project Foundation - Fernandina Beach, Florida, Container Corporation of America; Demolition of existing slabs, roadway, building and other debris to perform new construction. Work included 388 - 18" diameter auger cast foundation piles, grading, underground drainage pipe, backfill and concrete foundations consisting of slabs on grade, walls, mass concrete piers, columns and overhang deck slabs.

Powell Duffryn Terminals at Hutchinson Island - Savannah, Georgia, Dock reconstruction project of an existing 800'-0" long dock. Work included removal of existing double tee walkways and one breasting dolphin, installation of new pile supported walkways, two new breasting dolphins with bollards and fenders, pile jackets, rework platforms fenders and chains, install epoxy sealant to existing remaining walkways, piles and walls and new electrical wiring and lighting systems.

Blount Island Boulevard Bridge - Jacksonville, Florida, Department of Transportation Project, Construction Project Manager of a multi-lane concrete bridge 1,680'-0" long and approaches over the St. Johns River; 24" square concrete pile, Type II prestress beams and 84'-0" wide deck slab. Work included roadway, paving, landscaping signage, lighting, fencing and railroad crossing and signals.

Dunn Avenue to Nassau County Line - Jacksonville, Florida