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Dennis E. Harrison

Dennis E. Harrison



Florida Junior College at Jacksonville
1966 - 1968

University of Florida
Graduated 1971
Bachelor, Building Construction



Mayor's Point Dock Extension, Georgia Port Authority-Brunswick, Georgia, Project consisted of pile supported reinforced concrete shipping dock. Dock consisted of driving 316 prestress concrete pile, reinforced concrete pile caps and deck slab. Related fender system, crane rail, rip-rap and mechanical work was included in the project.

Explosive Handling Wharf No. 2, Kings Bay, Naval Submarine Base- Kings Bay, Georgia, Project consisted of construction of a missile loading dock for the U.S. Navy Submarine Fleet. Construction included removal of an existing concrete pile support dock. Over 37,000 tons of existing dock was disposed of at an off shore fishing reef. New pile caps with precast deck units were utilized to complete the dock. A structural steel frame with metal siding covered the entire dock facility.

Sitework consisted of cleaning and grubbing, deep soil densification, three feet of base material and 7-1/2" of asphalt topping.

Related work included dredging, electrical distribution, mechanical and support buildings.

Gabion Installation, Acosta Bridge Replacement, Florida Department of Transportation Project - Jacksonville, Florida, Project consisted of scour protection for the new Acosta Bridge in water depths of 80' below mean low water.

Work included debris removal; 13,000 tons of stone fill placement and 20,000 S.Y. of gabion placement.

Bridge Replacement, Bibb County, Georgia DOT Project-Macon, Georgia, Construction of two divided bridges on U.S. 80 in Macon, Georgia. Work consisted of removing one bridge and replacement with traffic detoured over to the existing bridge. Once the first bridge was completed, the operation was reversed with the second bridge being constructed.

Both bridges consisted of prestress concrete pile, poured-in-place pile caps, prestress beams and poured-in-place deck slabs along with related road work.

Terminal Area Expansion, Elevated Roadway, Jacksonville International Airport- Jacksonville, Florida, The construction of approximately 1,600 feet of a five lane elevated roadway consisting of reinforced concrete columns on existing foundations, poured-in-place post-tensioned piers, precast prestressed and post-tensioned single tees, and elevated roadway deck ad sidewalk together with railing and barrier. Elevated roadway construction included installation of electrical outlet boxes and conduit for future lighting, thermoplastic pavement markings and installation of reinforced hypalon liners complete with filter drains in two planters integral with the elevated roadway. Erection of the elevated roadway required construction of temporary roadways and maintenance and routing of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through the work areas. The work included selective demolition, construction of storm drainage piping, pavement striping and marking, roadway enbankment construction and the installation of approximately 600 L.F. of 9-way communication duct.

250 Foot Extension, Atlantic Drydock Corporation-Ft. George Island, Florida, Work included spudding and installing 18" prestress precast concrete pile caps. Prestress hollow slabs were installed on the pile caps and a concrete closure pour was used to tie the slabs together. A concrete topping slab was installed over the hollow core slabs for the final finish. Included in the work were utility pits with rovers and conduits for future electrical needs. Precast curtain walls were installed on each side of the pier for mooring facilities. After erection, the precast slabs were post-tensioned for the entire 250 feet length.

Refit Wharf No. 2, Naval Submarine Base-Kings Bay, Georgia, The work consisted of construction of a pile supported dock approximately 720 feet long by 120 feet wide used for servicing the U.S. Navy's Trident Submarines. Included in the project were 477 each 18" and 24" prestressed concrete piles driven up to 250 ton compression capacity through an existing granite rip-rap slope. Over 6,500 C.Y. of reinforcing concrete was incorporated into the wharf for pile caps, crane rail caps, bullrails and utility pits, as well as lift stations. Included in the project was a Berthing Support Building, along with electrical and mechanical work for the entire wharf and building.

High Level Bridge Over Intracoastal Waterway-Palm Coast, Florida, Bridge work consisted of driving 18" and 20" prestress concrete pile and constructing piers and pile bent on the piles. Two water piers are in the Intracoastal Waterway in their entirety and required cofferdams and seal concrete founded on steel piling. Quantities include 9,424 C.Y. of concrete, 808 tons of epoxy reinforcing steel, 15,900 L.F. of prestress beams, various roadway works, as well as a timber fender system on 14" concrete piles. Bridge has an overall length of 2,598 L.F.

Colonel's Island Bulk Facility Dock Modifications, Georgia Ports Authority-Brunswick, Georgia, Extended the existing breasting dolphins and deck covering an area of approximately 35' x 120'; the addition of a ramp approximately 30' x 80' framed with ASHTO girders and concrete slab; and, the construction of a deck approximately 120' x 170' construction with ASHTO girders and concrete slab. All areas are supported by approximately 230 concrete piles driven under this contract.

J. Turner Butler Boulevard, Contract #2, Jacksonville Port Authority-Jacksonville, Florida, Bridge work consists of constructing piers and pile bents on 18" square prestressed concrete pile, five pairs in the ICWW in their entirety including installing the piles, bridge superstructures and a timber fender system at the ICWW. Quantities include 14,000 C.Y. of concrete, 1,200 tons of epoxy reinforcing steel, 29,300 L.F. of prestress beams, various roadway work as well as a timber fender system for the ICWW.

J. Turner Butler Boulevard, Contract #1, Jacksonville Port Authority-Jacksonville, Florida, Installed 25,932 L.F. of 18" square concrete piling for a bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway.

Southbank Riverwalk, City of Jacksonville-Jacksonville, Florida, Includes the construction of 1.2 miles of riverfront development, complete with appurtenances and related work. The work includes, but is not limited to site clearing, wood and steel pile supported boardwalk, pile supported planters, pavilions, storm drainage, electrical, mechanical, landscaping, site lighting and concrete paving.

Closure Wharf, Jacksonville Port Authority-Jacksonville, Florida, 320 L.F. of sheet pile bulkhead. Approximately 19,200 S.F. of marginal wharf supported by 18" concrete piling, 65' - 70' in length with approximately 2,000 C.Y. of reinforcing concrete.

Berthing Wharf, Mayport Naval Station-Mayport, Florida, Work consisted of 850 L.F. of cellular bulkhead construction using PSA 23 and PSA 28 steel pile for the cells. The work included 2,200 pieces of steel sheet pile ranging in lengths of 42' to 48'; 850 L.F. of utility trench; encasement of the front face of sheet pile cells in concrete to an elevation of minus 3 MLW; backfill of 45,000 C.Y. of fill material along with related asphalt and drainage structure.

Mooring Dolphin Repair, Navy Fuel Depot-Jacksonville, Florida, Work consisted of removing and reinstalling five concrete breasting dolphins at the U.S. Navy Fueling Depot. One dolphin, weighing approximately 200 tons was submerged and had to be removed by utilizing divers and explosives. The dolphins consisted of 13,000 L.F. of 12HP74 bearing pile, concrete caps and related fender systems.

Offshore Power Systems-Partial Construction of Gantry Piles, Work consisted of installing 1,200 14" prestressed concrete piles up to 80' length.

Texaco Oil Company- Jacksonville, Florida, Consisted of removal and replacing of ship breasting dolphin.

Westerly Wharf Extension, Blount Island-Jacksonville, Florida, Construction of 300 L.F. of pile supported wharf with 100 L.F. of secondary wall. Work included 18,000 L.F. of 18" concrete pile, 300 L.F. of steel sheet pile wall, 2,300 C.Y. of reinforced concrete, 600 L.F. of girder rail, 600 L.F. gantry crane rail, 220 L.F. of 21" O.D. rubber dock fender, concrete tie back facilities supported on H-piling for tie rods, site fill, asphalt pavement and water supply piping.

U.S. Gypsum Company- Jacksonville, Florida, Dock repairs which included removal and replacing timber piles and caps while keeping dock facility working.

Easterly Wharf Extension, Blount Island-Jacksonville, Florida, 250 L.F. of pile supported wharf. Work included 13,000 L.F. of 18" square concrete pile, 150 L.F. of sheet pile utilizing the Amulex Arbed H-Z Method, 1,800 C.Y. of reinforced concrete, 500 L.F. of gantry rail, site fill, asphalt pavement and 182 L.F. of 21" O.D. x 10-1/2" I.D. rubber dock fender.

Installation of Pipe for Dolphins, Atlantic Marine Drydock-Jacksonville, Florida

Naval Air Station, Federal Project-Jacksonville, Florida, Installation of pile and caps for landing system lights.

Dunn's Terminal Bulkhead-Jacksonville, Florida, Consisting of 2,100 L.F. of sheet pile bulkhead with concrete tie back system.

Bridge Repairs to Main Street Bridge-Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Port Authority-Jacksonville, Florida, Roll On/Roll Off Platform. Work consisted of installing 119 18" prestressed concrete piling approximately 75' in length. Concrete work included pile caps, deck slabs and precast concrete slabs.

Bridge of Lions, Florida Department of Transportation-St. Augustine, Florida, Work consisted of encasement of the pier foundations under water, removal and replacement of structural steel and bridge grating, removal and replacement of bascule machinery and gears, electrical, painting and construction of crutch bents.

Industrial Utilities-Trench, Consisted of 2,000 L.F. of mechanical piping trench. Work included 1,700 C.Y. of reinforced concrete with precast concrete covers.

Seminole Electric Cooperative-Palatka, Florida, Contract 3416-C09-Water Intake Construction. Construct intake structure and pump house for River Water Intake to cool Seminole Power Plant Number 1 and Number 2. Work included installing approximately 473 L.F. of 36" diameter pipe with an invert elevation of minus eleven and 1,100 L.F. of 16" polyethylene pipe to invert elevation of minus six. River work included installing +/-900 tons of steel sheet pile for temporary coffer dams. Structural work consisted of 1,100 C.Y. of concrete, architectural finish work, installation of pumps and miscellaneous mechanical and electrical work.

Brunswick Pulp and Paper, Reclaim pit and unloading facilities consisting of excavating, pouring concrete and backfill.

Pipe Shop Foundations for Offshore Power Systems, Consisting of terra probe densification and pouring 1,900 C.Y. of concrete.

Water Treatment Plant Construction-Gainesville, Florida, Construction of water treatment facilities for conversion of an existing oil-fired plant to a coal-fired plant. Work involved placement of approximately 3,500 C.Y. of foundation concrete and 500 tons of structural steel was followed by installation of pumping and piping systems, chemical feed and storage systems, and other related equipment. General site preparation and maintenance were also provided by Wood-Hopkins ContractingCompany.

Deerhaven Generating Station-Gainesville, Florida, Installation of coal handling facility for coal fired plant. Work consisted of installing track hopper, stock-out and reclaim tunnels, cooling towers, and other miscellaneous concrete structures. Approximately 15,000 C.Y. of concrete used.